My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Alaska

I was fired after filing workmans compensation for a rotator cuff tear. I filed workmans comp late due to my disability and after doing so I was told I no longer was an employee because I had to be replaced. I am a licensed veterinary technician for 20 years now. I was the supervisor. I filed a claim with human rights about this. Just recently they sent me a letter saying the respondent has agreed to mediation. Is this a good idea for me? I tried to call my boss and talk with her but got no where. In fact she was very hostile about the human rights claim and workmans comp she did not even want to talk about. What am I entitled to? Do I need an attorney. Mind you I have been without work since 6/13/08 and have absolutely no income of any kind. Workmans comp denied me before he even had all of my medical records. My doctor revised his notes and said that my injury was more likely than not work related so he said he was still waiting for my records and then he would send me to one of his doctors. I had surgery on 7/3/2008 so what is this doctor going to do to access my situation? Any help is sure appreciated. Sincerely Cindy