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    Default Bad Title - DMV Made a Mistake

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: pa
    I purchased a car from a private person and months later, I still don't have title only to find out that dmv gave me lie after lie. The previous owner had the car for 3 years and had renewed car annualy. When i purchased car, they found the car to have a fraudent title. I have asked several times for my money to be refunded. I have a loan and have to carry full insurance. dmv admits they made a mistake. what and how can i get my money back? this car was salvaged in ny. the previous owner purchased the car from a now defunct dealership. HELP!!! BECAUSE PA DMV DOESN'T.

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    Default Re: Bad Title - DMV Made a Mistake

    Sue the previous owner, based upon the mutual mistake that the vehicle you purchased had valid title.

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