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    Unhappy Criminal Mischief, a Class "A" Misdemeanor, and Trespassing, an Infraction

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Utah


    My husband is a concrete contractor, and Tongan.

    Last month my husband was working two jobs to support us, so he was tired. He did cement for a lady, and the lady said she was not going to pay, becuase they had to cut her fence door, which they were going to replace.

    He lost over 3,00 on the job, he was very angry, went one morning and with a hammer broke the cement she didn't pay for.

    She had charged him with criminal mishchief, a class "a" misdemeanor, and Trespassing, an Infraction.

    I really am scared he has no record, and a good guy.

    can you explain all this to me, and do we need a lawyer?

    How introuble are we, I stay home with my children, and he is the only income. Please

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    Default Re: Criminal Mishcief, a Class "A" Misdemeanor, and Trespassing, an Ifraction

    explain what? he damaged another persons property.There are other means he is required to use to attempt to get paid.

    If you can afford an attorney, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

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