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    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California Hi, ten days ago i injured myself at work. when i notified my boss he told me the company looks down on injuries and he would appriciate it if i would work with him and sign a note stateing i injured myself and that i would not seek medical attention at this time but, would at a later time if my injury would persist. Which i signed. ( I know, not too brite ) This was on a friday, my boss told me to take monday off to let it heal and he would pay me for it. Anyway to shorten the story , they kept paying for me to take days off because i said i was still hurting. finally, I came back to work so i could go to the doctor and instead, i had to meet with a couple supervisors which made me worried i was gonna lose my job. They asked me alot of questions then told me i was not using strong enough pain killers, so one of them gave me four Vicodin and told me to go home and rest. It has been ten days since my injury and they finally let me go to the doctor. This is a huge company and I am shocked by their practices.
    Did they do anything wrong and if so, would it be worth it to pursue legal representation.
    Thank you in advance,

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    If you feel the need to consult a Workers Compensation attorney, do so. Such a signature document has no force of law and does NOT waive your rights.

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    are they medical doctors? who wrote the script for the vicodin?

    if you do go see a doctor will you be drug tested then fail the test due to the narcotics?

    if they asked you medical questions then gave you a diagnosis's then are they practicing medicine without a license?

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