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    Default Arrears Changed to Money Judgement

    My question involves child support in the State of: NY
    The state of NY instituted arrears in 1996, but never collected from my employer and my ex-wife never inforced it.
    Since I divorced her (1985) she did not want me or my parents (which had a visitation order) to see the girls. Basically she said you leave me alone I will leave you alone...until the girls were of an age that I could not inforce visitation 17 & 20.
    We divorced in 1985 (1 & 4 yrs old), I paid support until 1996, when my dad died at this time she began refusing my mom (who still lives only 3 blocks away), and myself any visitation. I was in Seattle (living with my girlfriend, she did not like me being happy). I contacted the courts and was told unless I had a sheriff go and physically remove the girls from her "mothers" house, I could not enforce my rights, I could not do this to them (have them physically removed, put on a plane or even taken to my moms house, I could not be that mean) this is when she said leave me alone. So I did since she had brainwashed them against me, but I never stopped loving them.

    In 2001 when the my girls were 17 & 20 I was visiting my mom for christmas, my brother went over to my girls house and they told my brother they wanted to see me, I was thrilled we had a wonderful christmas together. I went home to Fl. and recieved a Warrent for Arrears in child support. They told me they never wanted to see me they just wanted to destroy me for divorcing their mom, and since they were now old enough they did not have to see me, but they could take money from me. My ex who has never had to pay for anything, she went back and lived/lives with her mom (1985), never re-married. My girls still live with grandma and mommy at now 24 & 27.

    I began paying arrears and have never missed a payment since 2001, I was down to 56,000 and getting ready to sell my house to pay her off in a few years. She kept taking me back to court to get my retirement and anythng else she could think of, when everything she did failed.
    I just found out that she changed the Arrears to a money judgement so it would accur interest the only way she could destroy me. I re-married 9 years ago and this set her off.

    she refused visitation to me and my mom (who still lives only 3 blocks away), When the girls were young and saw a court appointed pshychologist told the courts that their mom and grandmother had brainwashed the girls, the courts did not care. When they were young I tried in the courts to inforce visitation and was told no. I would fly into town and the girls would be at camp, forgot to tell you...sorry.

    Question: can I have this Judgement reversed? does she have to pay taxes on this, since it is not now considered arrears?

    yes I was wrong in not paying, but she also would not even allow the girls to visit their grandmother from the ages of 6 & 9, still my mom never forgot a birthday, holiday gift until they were 18 and never recieved at thank you from any gifts or cards sent.

    Can I take her to court for refusal of back visitation?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Arrears Changed to Money Judgement

    Take copies of all court orders to a local attorney for a consult.

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