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    Default Getting a Real Estate License After a Deferred Judgment

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: CA

    Ok, so here is the situation, I got in trouble in San Luis Obispo County for POSSESSION of less than 1 Oz. of marijuana (about a 1gram) a few years ago(about 1.5 yrs) (I was just out of high school, stupid, wrong place at wrong time). I plead no contest. did penal code 1000, deferred judgement and got it called cleared, DISMISSED, as it read on my paperwork.

    I am applying for my Real Estate license in the coming month and on the application it states:

    ❖ "Convicted" as used in Question 17 includes a verdict of guilty by judge
    or jury, a plea of guilty or of nolo contendere, or a forfeiture of bail. All
    convictions must be disclosed whether or not the plea or verdict was set
    aside, the conviction against you was dismissed, or expunged or if you
    have been pardoned. Convictions occurring while you were a minor must
    be disclosed unless the record of conviction has been sealed under
    Section 1203.45 of the California Penal Code or Section 781 of the
    California Welfare and Institutions Code.

    I understand what it is saying, I will have to disclose that information. But is anyone by chance familiar on how this will go for me? Will I have to reapply? Get a restriced license? Sorry to drag this on but I wont be able to talk to my former P.O. for 3 days.

    Additional information on the application:

    (a) The passage of not less than two years since the most recent
    criminal conviction or act of the applicant that is a basis to
    deny the departmental action sought. (A longer period will be
    required if there is a history of acts or conduct substantially
    related to the qualifications, functions or duties of a licensee
    of the department.)

    (11) Two or more convictions involving the consumption or
    use of alcohol or drugs when at least one of the convictions
    involve driving and the use or consumption of
    alcohol or drugs. (I don't think this one would apply to me since i was not driving)

    I'm 20 years old nothing else on record. I was told that when I did deferred judgement it would "clear" my record, was I mislead? Once again, appreciate any help on what i would expect, or have to do in order to get my license, and hopefully unrestriced license. Thanks

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    Default Re: Deferred Judgement in California (Dismissed)

    Having your record "cleared" or "clear of a conviction" based upon a deferral does not mean that it's clear of all information, in all circumstances, or for all purposes.

    I suspect that your application won't be denied based upon the incident, but unfortunately all you can really do is apply then wait and see what happens.

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