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    Default Apple Logo Copyright Laws

    I am thinking about printing some stickers of the Macbook logo.

    I was just wondering what the copyright laws on doing this would be, and whether I would need Apples permission to do this.

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    Default Re: Apple Logo Copyright Laws

    You have copyright and trademark confused.

    The Apple logo is a registered trademark. You may not reproduce it in any fashion without prior written permission of the trademark holder.

    Doing so opens you up to an infringement lawsuit. I promise you, you do not have enough money to defend yourself against a suit brought by Apple. No stickers made of someone else's logo.

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    Default Re: Apple Logo Copyright Laws

    Apple is also notoriously protective of it's logo... You are stepping into a legal beartrap.

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    Default Re: Apple Logo Copyright Laws

    You need Apples permission first, something they aren't going to grant lightly. That said if you are just printing the stickers for personal use it is extremely unlikely that they will care or try and hunt you down. You should still be aware of the possible consequences though.

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