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    Default I Own House - Want Roommate to Leave

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Williamson County, Texas


    I own my house and let a roommate move in with me in January 2008. It was a verbal agreement and she gave me $100 deposit to use towards electricity and refund whatever is leftover. She has 4 indoor pets and I was ok with this at first, but as much as I love animals, my house smells, the animals have accidents everywhere, and there is fur everywhere, even in my food. I've been staying at my friend's house 5 or 6 days a week for the past 3 months so I can avoid the smell and any fur incidents. I told her the house smells, but she says it doesn't and I'm tired of it. I pay my mortgage and over $300 in utilities for a place I'm never in. I would like her to leave and will be fair. We get along, but she doesn't know how disgusted I am about my house.

    What is the best/legal way to get her to move out?


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    Default Re: I Own House - Want Roommate to Leave

    You must serve the tenant with a written Notice to Evict. If there is no lease that specifies otherwise, you must give her at least three (3) days to vacate. If that fails, then you need to file an eviction suit with the local courts.

    Read this for more info.

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