I live in orange county, FL am 16 years old and need to leave home, weather it be emancipation, running away, placed in a foster home, anything.
My mother has emotionally abused me for years, to the point of causing me to self-harm, and pushing me into a deep depression. She has not laid a hand on me for a long time but still threatens to.
I do not have a job(applied but not accepted), nor am I living away from home(guess who wont let me), so I know a judge will not grant me emancipation easy.
I have a good friend who is willing to let me move in with him(he lives near Pensacola) in return for helping him with his business, I wont get a paycheck for this, just a bit of cash in the pocket and a place to sleep, so it can't be considered an actual job by law.
Anyways, What are the steps I can take to leave. If I do leave, are the things I own considered mine even if my parents bought them, but they where given to me? exp: clothes, computer, books, ect.
Peas and Tanks for the help.