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    Default Leaving Home Without Parental Consent

    I live in orange county, FL am 16 years old and need to leave home, weather it be emancipation, running away, placed in a foster home, anything.
    My mother has emotionally abused me for years, to the point of causing me to self-harm, and pushing me into a deep depression. She has not laid a hand on me for a long time but still threatens to.
    I do not have a job(applied but not accepted), nor am I living away from home(guess who wont let me), so I know a judge will not grant me emancipation easy.
    I have a good friend who is willing to let me move in with him(he lives near Pensacola) in return for helping him with his business, I wont get a paycheck for this, just a bit of cash in the pocket and a place to sleep, so it can't be considered an actual job by law.
    Anyways, What are the steps I can take to leave. If I do leave, are the things I own considered mine even if my parents bought them, but they where given to me? exp: clothes, computer, books, ect.
    Peas and Tanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Leaving Home Without Parental Consent(FL)

    You cant runaway unless you want to be dragged back or put in system. You cannot be emancipated without your parents filing the petition. If your being abused contact CPS. their National Hotline is 1-800-4-A-CHILD

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