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    Default How to Get Financial Support for a Sibling

    My husband and I have been taking care for my half-sister (same mother) for 3 years. We took her in due to abuse when she was 12. We have never asked for financial assistance from my mother. We were doing ok and she didn't have it to give. My mother has never disclosed the father. She knows but she won't say. My mother has always lived off of government assistance and until recently has not been a part of our lives. She has said on numerous occasions that she will help us out with my sister's school clothes, supplies, trips, etc. but we have seen nothing. I think she only said it to get in our good grace's. What I'd to know is that is there any sort of financial assistance that we could get while caring for my sister. We do have guardianship of her but it's not official. It's a form that has been notarized that my mother signed stating that she gave up her parental rights and designated my husband and I as her legal guardians. Our mother is on SSI and Food Stamps. It seems to me that we should be able to get some sort of assistance to help us through our rough patch. I should mention that we live in Texas. Thank you for reading.

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    Default Re: How to Get Financial Support for a Sibling

    If you mother is collecting social security, she's VERY likely getting money for your sister. Her food stamp should reflect this as well.

    You need to get to probate court and get guardianship via the court. Until this happens, your on the hook. How have you been able to carry this child on your insurance?

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