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    Default Used Car Buyer Won't Return Seller's Plates

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois

    On Sept 13th I sold a car to someone for $1450. Me and the buyer proceeded to go to his bank, He got the $, and we went to my place, Signed the title, He signed his name, I wrote the sale date, and he left. I realized I forgot to take my license plates off! I quickly called him and HE agreed to meet somewhere ASAP. I was on my way there and he called. Saying he wants to go back on the deal now. I couldn't because some of the $ was already spent. So I said no and he goes apeshit and decides hes keeping the plates.

    Basically, I left the plates on my car when I sold it, ME AND HIM made an agreement to get them back. HE went back on the agreement because he had buyers remorse and I wouldn't go back on it. HE is keeping them in spite that I didn't recend the sale.

    Do I have a case in court or criminal? I reported them stolen, His actions are costing me an extra $150 for NEW plates. AM I able to go after the difference in cost of transfer/new plates in court? Do I have a criminal case against him? I saw the car 8 hours ago w/Wisconsin plates. I have only his full name and cell phone number and E-mail.

    What do I do? Principal says sue or get the guy in legal trouble, reality says let it go. I'm stubborn enough to sue the guy for it if I have merit.

    If I DID sue him, would I have a chance?

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: Used Car Buyer Won't Return Seller's Plates

    I've been unable to find penalties for stealing license plates, but it seems to me that you should be able to file in small claims court to at least recover the cost of new plates.

    You may want to speak with an attorney in your area to see if that dog will hunt. First consultation is usually free.
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    Default Re: Used Car Buyer Won't Return Seller's Plates

    We don't need an attorney for small claims right? Just me v him stating our case right?

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