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    Default Penalty for Use of Stolen Checks

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan

    I recently discovered that my now, ex roomate, had stolen a book of my checks and had been writing them. I didn't know he had the book at the time untill I called to check the balance of my account and I was a negative balance. I went to my local branch to see what the issue was. They showed me and I saw several checks that he had written. I went home and dug through his bags (as he was packing to move out) and found my book of checks in one of his bags. I took the book out and saw that there were several missing. I wasn't exactly sure what to do or how to handle the problem so I kept quite. Well, a week later I had my payday, and I guess my ex roomate knew this and still had a few checks from the book and continued to write them even when he was no longer living with me. I went to the bank and filed a fraud claim with them. My concern, however is that his name is on the checks under mine. I had placed him on THE CHECK ONLY (NOT on the account itself) as a "just in case". For example if he had write a rent check or if the electric was about to get shut off and I was not there to write it, I would give him permission to write it. well, the checks he took and was writing, I didn't give authorization, nor did I know he had them. I explained my situation to the bank and they assured me it is a fraud case regardless if his name was on the check or not (because he is NOT on the acct as an authorized user and I didn't grant permission to use the checks). So, I will be filing a police report regarding the matter, but am curious to know what the penalties are for this.

    A. he stole the checks from me
    B. he was writing them wthout my consent/authorization

    Is this truely considered fraud and would this be considered a felony per check that he wrote?

    Any information regarding this matter would be GREATLY appriciated!!!

    thank you for your time!!!

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    Default Re: Penalty for Use of Stolen Checks

    Is this truely considered fraud
    Yes. The bank wasn't lying to you.

    and would this be considered a felony per check that he wrote?
    That will depend on the amounts of the checks.

    You should be discussing this with an attorney.

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