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    Default Suspended License Due to MIP

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Texas.

    Around the beginning of June I was at a party in which it got raided. I got a cited for minor in possession of alcohol. Just this weekend, I got a notice saying that my license was automatically suspended. I was reading on the texas DPS website and it stated that for the first offense I will receive a 30 day suspension for 1st offense, 60 days for a second offense, and 180 days for a third offense. why is it that my license was suspended from 07/28/2008 to 01/23/2009? the statutory authority: alcoholic beverage code section 106.05, 106.071 and Texas Transportation Code Section 522.089. I dont understand this at all. And i need my license to drive to school and work :\

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    Default Re: Suspended License Due to MIP

    Are you sure that your conviction was under Sec. 106.05 and not, for example, a minor DUI (you were in a house, not your car)? I'm assuming here that this was not your third alcohol offense.

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