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    Default Negotiating a Stress Claim

    My question involves employees rights and compensation for work related stress claims for the state of: California.

    I have been employed at the same company for 14 years. A large Fortune rated mortgage company. As with the continued downfall of the economy, my company as well suffered signifigant loss and ongoing reduction in operating expenses. Now acquired by a large cooperation. Through out the last few years I have been assigned to a variety of different job responsabilities. Through the processes of reduction, reorganization, termination and reallocation my primary functions and direction has varied consistantly for up to 4 years. I experienced a function, interim process, or reporting change consistantly every 4-6 months. I was given challenging positions for roles in distress or had suffered recent demotion or termination of there previous leadership as I was the best qualified to stabalize the environments. The drastic changes in leadership occured with little warning, hand off, or training. I was not given the oppertunity to select my job assignments and was open with oposition. Most recent challenges and stress are associated with changes resulting in company acquistion and absorbtion, through a series or reproting and organizational change starting in February, I have been given a signifigantly lower level group with lower skill sets and lack of managment. The last two reorgisations degraded in level of direct reports and majurity of staff and processes. I had to begin performing additional responsabilities to absorb the workload, The most recent reorganization result in a reduction of direct reports, and functions. With ongoing increase reporting compliance and transistion responsabilities. The ongoing stress associated with this position has caused financial and mental reprecussions. I have had recent increasing absenses, more frequent medical outbreaks attributed to stress , anxiety, and have recently been arrested for DUI. I am not a regular drinking and consumed excessive alchol after work as a reaction to the physical and mental stress. I have made several attempts to communicate with my managment in writing and verbally, regarding my stress level and challenges at work, up to and including request my severence package as a result of the change in control. Change in control documents depict almost one full year of salary and benefits if not attributed to cause. I feel as If I have no way out of the situation without quiting and if my preformance continues to suffer they will have cause. I am an exemplary employee without an outstanding review, compensation, and performance history. Degration started post february of this year and current absentee and performance as well as results of physical and mental stress are compelling. Some advise would be great. I would like to have them simply settle ways if they can;t fix the situation. Give me my severance package and let me go. Would be the best possible outcome.

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    Default Re: Stress Claim/Neogotiation

    First, white spaces and the occaisional paragraph break are your friends.

    Second, what is your question?

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