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    Default Show Cause Hearing After DUI Charge

    My boyfriend got a DUI over two years ago. He did everything he was supposed to and we received a letter a couple of weeks ago stating that he met the requirements of the probation and doesn't have to report. But the same day his probation officer sent a letter for a show cause hearing. Over a year ago we all were at the Oregon coast and he ran a yellow light, that turned red about 1/4 the way through, and we got pulled over. Then the police told him he had a supened license in Oregon. They let me drive the car and he only got a ticket which we have paid in full, and he reported it to his probation officer. When he called his probation officer to see why this is just now being brought up she said it wasn't a big deal, and it is not anything that would get him kicked off deferred or go to jail. So my question is why would they bring him to court?

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    Default Re: DUI in Washington - Show Cause Hearing

    He violated his probation. The fact that there was a clerical error resulting in a discharge letter, because he committed his violation so close to his discharge date, does not erase his probation violation. When you violate your probation, they can make you go to court to explain yourself and potentially to give you a penalty or to resentence you as a violator.

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