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    Default Re: Tobacco Stings and Use of Minors

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    If you want to get along here, it would be beneficial if you stopped taking potshots at other members. I'm not going to slap any hands if people are merely responding to your provocations.
    Got it. Senior members can call people asshats and it's okay.

    As I said in one of my first posts, I'm direct. I don't mean any offense by it. I'm just, well, direct. For better or worse, it's how I speak.

    As I also said in that post, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to hearing them, err, reading them.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Stings and Use of Minors

    Look, I am trying to be friendly with you. If you don't like it here, don't use the board. If you stay, please make an effort to be more considerate of others.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Stings and Use of Minors

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    Well, you don't know my name and whether it'll be known in a 100 years' time. I do know my name and what I've done.
    A feat which makes you exactly identical to everyone else on the planet ... well, aside from a very few with some very serious problems.

    Will I be known in that amount of time? I have no idea. But I suspect my work will be still be relevant then. But only will tell and I'll long be dead by then.
    My work will still be relevant than as well ... though, by my "work", I do not mean just my actions and encounters in law enforcement.

    I don't know how it is in California, but in Washington, commissioned officers are required to meet certain hours to retain their commission. So, I had to make a choice between being a police officer, which was one childhood dream of mine, and fulfilling my intellectual curiousity.
    That's fine. And, yes, we do have to maintain hours for continued training ... then there is shift work, family commitments, call-outs, ad nauseum. All of these play into the difficulty one might find when seeking academic pursuits. Some people can balance them all, others can't. In the end you have to pursue what makes you happy. If you have found that, then bully for you.

    So, yes, it's accurate that many of our laws do embrace some religious ideas. But it's not at all accurate to say that the laws are the law because they're held by some particular faith.
    I do not recall saying that. The law certainly does not reflect my faith, nor should it have to. Should it come to pass one day that the law DID mirror my faith, and it came to pass within the confines of the Constitution, I would be happy. I doubt I shall see that, though, as we tend to slip further and further away from any common societal norms. But, that's another topic.

    - Carl
    Retired Cal Cop Sergeant & Teacher

    Seek justice,
    Love mercy,
    Walk humbly with your God

    -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ...

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