I recently got in a crash with another car. I was coming to a stop sign, so I stoped and then put on my left turn signal and then I proceded to look both ways and then finally the last truck I saw was making a turn so I maid a left turn onto the street, so I look one more time and I started to proceed but then my sister in the car said that was anoter car coming and buy that point it was too late and we hit each other, the only reason I didn't see her was because of the HUGE truck turning onto my street. I got out of the car and went to the ladys car, someother guy came to me and said he was an off duty paramedic and asked me to hold her neck in place so she dosen't move it, so I did. Then the cops came and the paramedics came and took her to the hospital and then I was talking with the sheriff and he asked me all my information and I gave it too him. 3 days later she calls my house and talks to my Mom, saying she's a little bruised up, but she's ok. She also said that she want's a new car because I totaled her's, but I didn't. Her car started and worked for the tow truck driver, her air bags did deploy, but the worst damage was the right front bumper was cracked and her right headlight was poped out of place. The only thing I don't get is that I didn't total her car and she says I did, that's wrong, in my book. My car was more damaged then her's was. We both were insured but my Mom only has liability, so it pays for her property damage and medical bills, if I understand the policy right. Now I am 17 years old and live in San Diego,CA. I have a valid drivers license, valid insurance, and valid everything else. My question is if her insurance company says her car is totaled, what should I do, go to court and fight it or what do I do. I'm really kind of scared, I mean I'm only 17 and then my car is more banged up then her's and other stuff. I did say I was sorry and I did say it was kind of my fault, but she's claiming the there was no truck making a turn or blocking my site right before I turned, she's saying I didn't even look where I was going, and that's a lie. I think she's trying to get all she can from me and my insurance compnay. So if you could tell me what I should tell her and what I shouldn't tell her. You know the do's and don'ts.
I would really apperciate some help on this matter as soon as possable, thank you for your replys. David