My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Alaska

After 7 years does the car company have the right to take mine and my childrens money for a truck that was given back to Ford Motor? The company had been taking my husbands permenant fund dividen in 2004 and 2005 which was fine we wanted to make the payments on the truck after Ford had sold it but couldn't afford it. ( Hence this is why we voluntarily gave it back) They stopped taking his dividen and sold the paper work to some one else who never pursued it or let us know. Now the paperwork has been sold again and now they took my husbands dividen and also took mine and my childrens without warmning of any kind. They tell me because my husbands name is on the account they can take anything they want. They did not have authorization to levy my account. This money they took was for my children and I to be able to survive through the winter. now I don't know what I am going to do. Please HELP!