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    Default Can They Repo Even Though I'm Making Late Payments?

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: PA

    Last year I went to refinace my 2006 Pacifica. I was told that I owed too much, but maybe they could do a trade in. I agreed. After I chose the vehice, we signed the papers and the deal was done. However, I thought I had traded in the Pacifica, but they actually just sold me the new car. Now I have two car payments. When I realized I ahd bought the new car, and didnt trade in the other, I was told if I gave back the new one, it would be considered a REPO. So I have been struggling over the last year trying to make payments on two cars. I'm usually a month late on the payments on the Pcifica and was told yesterday that they could REPO it anytime. Can they REPO it, evern though I am trying in good faith to make payments? What can I do to stop them from repossession?

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    Default Re: Can They Repo Even Though I'm Making Late Payments?

    Normally, your creditor has legal authority to seize your vehicle as soon as you "default" on your loan. What constitutes default will be stated in your contract, but failure to make a payment on time would certainly be an example.

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