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    Default Texas Pardon Success Rates

    In Fiscal Year 2004 The Texas Board of Pardons and Parole recommended only 16.2% of full pardon applications to the governor. Of those that were recommended, the Governer approved appoximatley 52%.

    I would some day like to be one of the successes, From this information I can see It is not an easy task. I think my only chances are to comply with their requirments to the letter, and fully prepare all Info and recommendations that I can, then prepare some more, and get some more recommendations. Then repeat the process. If Then Im denied, reapply every year until they get sick of me!!

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    Default Applying for a Pardon

    Quote Quoting aaron
    I don't know about applying annually; I would think of waiting a bit longer between applications. But I hope your luck is better than that.
    Quote Quoting vmcmurry
    Can you tell me where you found that information a I have tried to find it in the past with no luck? Did it say how many applicants there were? Thanks.

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    As I understand it, you really have to show an exceptional reason why you should get one ie: you can't find any job (not just the job you want).

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    Default Re: Texas Pardon Success Rates

    It took over 15 months since I applied for a pardon for a class C missdemeanor resisting arest,and I was granted.
    I am now married and have two children in Canada,however I cannot immigrate there from Romania due to my class C missdemeanor,which,in the Canadian criminal code it`s seen as a felony punishable by 2 yrs imprisonment.
    I never met my 3 yr old son,and missed my daughter` 1st,2nd,3rd,4th birthdays due to that class C missdemeanor.
    I guess the Governor of Texas saw all this as unusual circumstances.
    Anyway,now I need to apply for expungement,then see what the Canadian immigration will do next..........

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