My question involves unemployment benefits for the State of Indiana

A co-worker filed a U.S.Department of Labor complaint against my employer at the end of 2007 because of not paying overtime,etc. My boss [who had repeatedly demonstrated how physically dangerous he can be (trains Navy Seals & State Police to fight)] became irate, reduced my hours from around 60 to 35 and began making my job difficult in an attempt to make me quit. I endured despite physical assaults on genitalia, impossible work loads, and subjection to illegal life-threatening tasks (such as working on live electricity, rebuilding motel exterior upper level walls off a stepladder without any safety equipment, moldy & blood soaked environments, etc.).

When approaching my boss on July 24, 2008 (in connection with my job), he fiercely told me: "Get the f**k away from here, I am ready to snap". I immediately went to my unemployment office and asked if I could quit because of the above-described circumstances and receive unemployment and the UI representative answered yes and told me to sign up for benefits.

A couple hours later, I telephoned my employer to see if he had cooled down and was told by management that I had been fired. I was denied unemployment insurance because my boss told them I quit. The Deputy determined that I "voluntarily left employment without good cause in connection with the work".

I never, at any time, told my employer that I quit. However, Indiana lists "good work-related" reasons for quitting as:
* employer arbitrarily changes the terms or conditions of your work.
* Safety violations at your work site.
* Harassment.

Finally, my boss had bragged that no-one would draw unemployment from him because of his powerful contacts and fact he is a Mason & a Jester which includes most judges. The initial judge who denied my claim, like my boss, is from India.