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    Default Harrasment in 2nd Degree (Violation in Ny)

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: NY
    I was arrested in oct 2005. What happened was i had a fight with my girlfriend which turned into a argument. I never touched her. To make it short i was arrested and plead guilty to harrasment in 2nd degree. I was put on conditional discharge for 1 year and since our daughter was present in are argument i also got a limited order of protection for 1 yr. I attended a Batterers intervention program which i completed. This was my first and only offense. I recently applied for a Law enforcement job with Homeland Security. Would this show up on my Background Check even though it is not a criminal conviction? Would I have any issues trying to get a Law enforcement job or a job at the airport. Would a violation be big issue when trying to get a job? If you can answer me thanks

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    Default Re: Getting Employment with a Violation of Harrasment

    We can only go by what you say. If you did in fact receive a discharge at the end of your probation, that should mean that no conviction was entered in your case. But you would have to be careful about what they ask - for example, if you entered a guilty plea but your conviction was not entered by the court, they may regard that as a conviction even if the court does not. I don't expect their questions to be ambiguous, though - I expect them to inquire about all arrests and charges, regardless of outcome.

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    Default Re: Getting Employment with a Violation of Harrasment

    Regardless of the outcome, if there was an arrest, you can be assured that Homeland Security WILL uncover it. Doesn't necessarily mean it'll be problematic, but as with any position in law enforcement, "coverup" or "half-truths" will be MORE problematic than simply giving an explanation of the circumstances around the arrest, so you're better off to be up front right from the beginning.

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    Default Re: Getting Employment with a Violation of Harrasment

    A thorough background check (probably including fingerprinting) will definitely be done for a job with Homeland Security. It is almost certain they will pick up the history. The hx could be a problem getting certain jobs but not necessarily/definitely - it will be up to each individual employer to decide how they want to handle/what decision they want to make.

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