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    Default Fair Credit Reporting and FDCPA Violation


    There is a collection agency, operating under the name of "Laurence Heckler Attorney" trying to collect two thousand dollars on a credit card that isnt in my credit report. The card limit was 400 dollars which was I believe I paid and closed off in 2002,however have no records of that.

    These guys have been harrassing me for a good year now threatening me with lawsuits and "final decisions"

    I am very suspicious of the legitimacy of their business in general because they constantly keep violating the Fair Dept Colleciton Practises Act.

    First issue, they told me the that they were not a collection agency and therefore did not have to obide by the FDCPA. They hide their number or call under fake numbers (which is a violation of that act as they cannot conceal their identity in any way)

    Second, they discussed a settlement with my father ( I'm 23) when he answered the phone one night, which I know is another violation of the act.

    Third, yesterday one of their guys told me I didnt want to pay because I didnt have the money.

    During this entire time I've asked them for the contact information for the original deptor, which they said they didnt have.

    However, the BIG ISSUE is what just happened. I just got off the phone with their "ligitation" guy. I told them I didnt think i owed this money because it wasnt on my credit report.
    He answers by saying that "sometimes it doesnt get reported until it comes to the lawyers office" I told him that is hogwash, Your guys first told me it WAS on my credit report, I had to purchase an experian credit report which is where they said it was, and found it wasnt there. On good or on bad.

    My main question is, the "ligigation" guy told me he was only NOW going to report this to my credit report and that it will be there soon. Can he do that? after the account has been closed for 4 years? I took down his name and phone number, when I asked him for a mailing address he asked me what I wanted it for, i said "To request the contact information for the original credit card company" He quickly said "Call 411 " and hung up on my face.

    Are any of you familiar with Laurance Heckler in New Jersey?
    Can he report a bad dept after 4 years of it being closed and more then a year of them attempting to collect the debt? Should there be a negative showing on my report when it goes to collection?

    Thanks for your help
    If any of you guys have experience dealing with these individuals or any knowledge of their legitimacy please let me knw.

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    Google doesn't have much information. Perhaps you should try to find a local law firm which handles FDCPA matters, to look into the situation.

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    Default Re: Fair Credit Reporting and FDCPA Violation

    If an attorney is acting as a collection agent, then he is a collection agent. They must follow FDCPA laws.

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