My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: NJ

I was driving home from NJ when pulled over for license plate lights being off. The officer after checking my PA license and registration said that i had a suspended license in NJ and gave me a ticket for lamp maintenance and a ticket for driving with suspended license.

my NJ license was suspended because of a parking ticket issued by Newark that is not mine in 2001. i was never even in Newark and have proof that i was at work all day that day the parking ticket was issued. I tried calling but never got an answer so wrote two separate letters on two different occasions but never got any response. by the time the NJDMV notified me of license suspension i had already moved to PA and surrendered my license to PADMV so i didn't think much of it.

Now, the question is i'm required to go to court in NJ because of this ticket. What must I do to clear this up and what are my chances that I won't be penalized for something that was out of my, ticket not mine and i couldn't get a hold of anyone to clear myself, no one cared, not DMV, not court. Thank you for any thoughts.