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    Default Terminated for having a past career in the modeling business

    I recently started working for a Substance Abuse Program contracted with CDC California Dept. Corrections at the beginning of my employment I expressed to my Director that I used to be a model and would it have any issues with me accepting employment there it was explained to me that no it would not have any problems and they appreciated that I told them. three months went by and a photo of me that was in FHM magazine popped up and a Probation Officer gave this to my attention that the photo of me in a bikini is available for inmates to see if they wanted to. That same day I received acall not to come back to work that I needed to resign to save face. That if I were to stay eventually I would be terminatted and that the Dept of Corrections would investigate my past modeling career. I asked my boss why is this happening and why would it be an issue if my real name was not used for modeling it was always a alias and I do not present myself in an unproffesional manner. It was told to me that because of this that me being there makes the inmates think different of me I am already a female and now that I have a photo that looks seductive even though I was in a bikini it was now considered a safety and security hazard for me. I was encouraged to write the letter immediatly they even told me how to write my resignation letter. They made me feel like a horrible person said things like "What were you thinking" then they said that if I stayed I would be embarrased because I would be walked off CDC Yard by PO...I had no alternative but to resign so I did. Now when I tried to file unemployment they denied me because of my resignation letter. Do you think I should just let this go or do I have what it takes to bring this to trial?

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    Default Fired from Job

    If you want to see if you have a viable discrimination case, I suggest that you meet with a plaintiff-side employment lawyer and have your situation reviewed.

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