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    Default Clearing an Arrest Record

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: IL

    I was arrested while at a bar in my hometown. I was taken to jail because the police said I broke a gas pipe and that soemone saw me do it....thier witness later turns out to be a convicted felon a few times. Regardless....i argued and said i was leaving as i live a block away from the bar. I was tazered and sent to jail and let out the next charges filed. This was a year ago and I found out that this is on my arrest record still. Battery of police and destruction of property. I am a war veteran (marine) age 27 and had recently (at the time) started to seek conseling for post tramatic stress.through the VA..i am on medication. I have never had a speeding ticket before this....and I feel like there was undue force used...but i undestand that people make mistakes......but i just want to get this off my expungement...but don't want charges to be brought up if they somehow could be. This is a ton of stress for me because i have a professional job and i would not like this to affect my career. I have suffered through a lot of stress because of this incident and would appreciate advice....Waiting a year is too is killing me.


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    The Illinois statute, 20 ILCS 2630/5 (available here), describes eligibility for expungement after charges are dismissed or after acquittal, but does not describe expungement of arrest information where no charges are filed. I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction, so I suggest asking an Illinois lawyer if the courts interpret that language expansively such that you could nonetheless petition for an expungement in the county where you were arrested.

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    I guess that I understand the statutes..........I am really worried about this affecting my career. I would petition for expungment....I qualify....but I don't want charges to suddenly appear

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