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    Default Do I Need to Go Through a Legal Process?

    My question is do i need to go thru a legal process or can i move out and support myself, being assumed an emancipated juvenile?My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Colorado

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    Default Re: Do I Need to Go Thru a Legal Process?

    Colorado doesn't have a process for emancipation, it only provides for recognition of emancipated status if you've been living apart from parents, WITH parental consent, and have been self supporting. Now, with that said, it really means two things:

    1) your parents can change their mind at any time until you turn 18, and

    2) even though emancipation might be legally recognized or acknowledged by a court, that doesn't necessarily mean that anyone ELSE will recognize it (in other words, you may find that you can't do things like open bank accounts, get landlords to rent to you, etc. since you won't have a court order declaring your status).

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