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    Thumbs down How Do I Claim Losses from My Incompetent Lawyer

    My question involves malpractice by a lawyer in the state of: California

    I got married here months ago and hired this lawyer to apply for greencard(adjustment of status) for me. During the process I told her I wanted to have my name changed to one that's easier for people here to pronounce once I settle down here. I asked her what I need to do. She replied that there wasn't any need to go anywhere to have my name changed. All I need to do, she said, was to write that new name upfront in my greencard application forms. So she wrote that new name in all my application forms for me. Months later, immigration officers told us I'd got my name completely wrong in my application, and that I should have used my passport name only upfront. They also said if I want to use my new name, I should go to the State Superior Court after I've got my greencard approved. Most of all, because of this one single issue of name mix-up, they said they couldn't approve my greencard application and I had to be refingerprinted, following their procedures. They couldn't tell me when the refingerprinting result will be in and so I am in limbo now! As a result, I had to postpone my wedding banquet which I've been organising via my family in Hong Kong, and I had to pay hundreds of dollars more for the postponement. Also, I stand to lose an airticket which I've bought to fly home. And I had to spend extra money to apply for emergency advance parole, all because of a blunder made by my lawyer! My plan to find a job right after my wedding banquet has also been thrown into disarray, and I suffer enormous stress! Do I have a good case to sue my lawyer? When should I do it, and how?

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    Your damages are a few hundred dollars? Consider small claims court.

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    Quote Quoting greenisland09
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    When should I do it, and how?
    Filing a claim in small claims court California:

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