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    Default Paternity Case - Threat of False Accusation of Rape

    Okay Ill try to make this short I dated a woman who was having many problems she was married a SEVER alcoholic and drug user well she got pregnant went back to the marriage and sobered up We talked from time to friendly well I mentioned to her that I would like a dna test just to rule out the possibillity of me being the father and that I was in the process of getting a lawyer to start this She flipped out she said that we never had sex at all and that if we did then she was too intoxicated to recall it or give permission and that she would file charges on me for RAPE!! Can she do this or is she just making up threats

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    Default Pregnancy

    It would be a stretch. She wasn't with her husband at the time, and she got pregnant - unless she thought it was by immaculate conception, which seems unlikely, were there any validity to it she should have raised her rape allegation then - or at the very least when she realized that you were admitting to having had sexual relations with her at that time. Also, she's not reporting anything now. Talk to your lawyer about what she said, and form an appropriate strategy to respond to any allegations.

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