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    Red face Opening Mail That Doesn't Belong to You

    Here is the situation;
    My husband is court ordered to carry health insurance on his son.
    It is court ordered (Specifically) that the ex wife pay the bill in full and send us the bill with receipt of payment and we reimburse her 1/2 within 30 days.
    When we receive an EOB from the insurance company, we mail her a copy within 10 days (Court Ordered.) This is for her records so she's aware of what the insurance company pays and what we owe after.
    This is the new issue: I (The New Wife) received a collection call at my work from a hospital in the state she lives in (Alabama),trying to collect on an overdue bill from August 2007 visit on his son.
    When the ex wife brought the son to the Hospital, she had to fill out paper work and put my work phone number, My husbands name, and her address. The Hospital said they mailed the bill to the ex wife address back in 2007 (Year ago.) The bill obviously hasn't been paid and the ex wife never sent us the bill or a receipt for the bill.
    I contacted our insurance company and asked since we have primary insurance and the policy is in my husbands name, is it required the bill be in my husbands name for his minor son, and they said no.
    Is it legal for her to put medical bills in my husbands name at her address and not pay the bill. This is now screwing with my husbands Excellent credit.
    I did find out that the ex wives new husband is also carrying insurance on the son and has filed many claims on their insurance company for some of the bills we've paid. She has failed to provide us with their insurance information as she is suppose to (Court ordered as well.)
    She is obviously opening the mail addressed to my husband at her address. Is that illegal? HELP, OUR CREDIT IS GOING TO BE RUINED! We don't know if there is anything else she has put in his name. I did go to the post office today and put a change of address for my husband at her address.
    Any Advice?

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    Default Re: Opening Mail That Doesn't Belong to You

    Is that illegal?
    Very much.

    File a complaint with the Postmaster.

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