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    Default Charge of sexual harassment by an ex-girlfriend

    I ran across this forum and I was hoping someone here could help me...

    Today, an extremely close friend of mine was charged with sexual harassment by his ex-girlfriend... he broke up with her, and she was still hung up on him the last I'd heard, while he's dating someone else now. Today, out of nowhere, he got pulled into the school's administrative office to hear THIS! This is a very serious charge, and I can't understand why she would do this... How can I advise him, what can he do to get through this unscathed?
    I'm afraid people are going to assume it's true, because my friend is a very jokingly-sexual person, but he NEVER intrudes in people's space if they don't want him to... and I think she's doing this because she's angry and jealous...
    People can't so things like this lightly!!! It could mess up his life! I want to warn people not to file suits like this just for any little thing, what right do you have to mess someone's life up because you feel briefly uncomfortable in their presence??

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    Default Sexual Harassment

    You don't provide a context beyond your mention of a school, but if this is a situation that involves two teachers or instructors in a typical school setting, the teachers would ordinarily have recourse to a union in relation to any disciplinary proceedings. It would be a good idea for your friend to avail himself of any services he can obtain through the union.

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