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    Default Government contractor wrongful termination

    Does anyone know where I can find any documentation regarding government contractors and wrongful termination? For instance, a person works for a government contracting firm for a federal agency but that person gets terminated wrongfully and continues to receive harrassment at their new position.

    It would appreciated
    Thank you

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    I have worked for the Federal Govt for 25 years. At one time I took a week long Contractor Officer Representative Class.

    I'm pretty sure that in every contract with private contractors, it is stated that as a Federal Contractor, the Contractor must follow all of the laws of the Federal Govt, at least in regards to discrimination, if it is a discrimination or reprisal or retaliation issue. If it is one of these issues, the guiding regulation would be 29 CFR 1614 EEO for the Federal Sector.

    Also, look up the "No Fear Act.''

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