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    Default Illegal, What to Do?

    I have a friend who came here from Russia about 3 years ago and over stayed the visa. I do not know all the details, but am really just looking for some general advice. Good person, no crimes (minor or major, except obviously not returning when they should, ha ha), SSN, good job, pay's taxes, pretty much normal life. Does not want to return to Russia for their apparent abusive and violent conscript program with the Russian military. (even more so now with all the garbage going on over there). Returning really isn't an option because who knows what issues they would have to deal with on that end. Plus the 10 year ban would be even worse then the 2 or 3 year time in the military that was the reason for leaving in the first place.

    Should this person wait until the US government comes up with a possible amnesty program or path to citizenship or is there a better path? I am pretty much lost and don't know what to tell them and really just am looking at all options.

    in Virginia

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    Default Re: Illegal, What to Do?

    As I see it, he can hope that an amnesty bill passes (don't hold your breath) or successfully adjust his status after marrying a citizen. He may want to talk to an immigration lawyer.

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