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    Default How Do Criminal Attorneys Get Their Clients

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: North Carolina

    How do you currently get the information to market your legal services to prospective clients?

    If a there was a website that offered the following items, would you use it?

    Ability to personally configure your search criteria
    Display the results of your search
    Ability to select, (by simply clicking a checkbox), clients from the search results
    Print mailings for those you selected with the click of a button
    Or have those results printed and sent out by the company that runs the search service.
    Is this much simpler than the current way of generating leads currently?

    What do you feel is a fair price for a monthly subscription to a service like this?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: How Do Criminal Attorneys Get Their Clients

    Let me guess... Your service does all of the above for a low monthly rate?

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