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    Default My car was stolen am i liable?

    My car was stolen and crashed into somebodys car. Now he is trying to sue me for 5000 dollars. I wanted to know if I would be held liable or will this just be thrown out in small claims court.
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    Clearly you can't be held liable for the acts of someone who took your vehicle without your permission or knowledge. If, perhaps you knowingly loaned your car to someone you knew to be intoxicated, and who caused an accident, and other extrardinary circumstances, you may be liable.

    I would report any lawsuit to your automobile insurance carrier and let it defend you, as you have contracted for it to do for you. Remember you must do so promptly in order to satisfy the requirement that you cooperate with your insurance company in its defense of you.

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    Default Negligence & Stolen Car

    The only circumstances I am aware of where you may be subject to some liability for an accident caused by the driver of your stolen car, is if you somehow made it extremely easy to steal the car. (e.g., leaving the keys in the ignition on a public street.) And even then it's not necessarily an easy case.

    As Fxston noted, even if this is a small claims case, you should report it to your insurance company and have them defend you.

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