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    Default MIP in Virginia: Public Defender or Private Attorney?

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Virginia

    I got an illegal possession of alcohol charge (4.1-305) a couple of weeks ago in Virginia Beach when I was 17 years old and blew a .03 on the breathalizer. I'm supposed to appear in the juvenile court in September, and I've asked people about whether I should hire a lawyer for this. Some told me that I should pay the 500 dollars to a private attorney because they are more dedicated, some told me that private attorneys are a waste of money and are not worth it when I could get a public defender who would do me the same service, and some told me not to waste time on lawyers at all.
    Considering all these opinions, I am wondering if a lawyer would be able to reduce my consequences and help me out at all and if so, which kind I should hire. What do you think?? Thank you!!

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    Default Re: MIP in Virginia: Public Defender or Private Attorney?

    I think that they all passed the same exam. Its up to you. You'll be charged in juvie court which you have going for you. Whether or not either of them can get the charged reduced is the question (you blew a .03), we don't have all the facts and we cant speculate as to whether or not this can happen. Your looking at probation, fine and/or community service (or any combination of the above) and if VA is able to place restrictions on your DL. Good luck.

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    Default Re: MIP in Virginia: Public Defender or Private Attorney?

    yeah, true. i posted a thread about the whole story that happened here:

    the thing is that it was an energy drink that had alcohol in it and i didn't know about that. maybe that fact might reduce my charges because i unknowingly consumed alchol. i was on my way home anyway and im a well rounded student and a community leader.. i don't want this affecting me and i'm trying to get the best defense i can. thanks for all the feedback.

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    Default Re: MIP in Virginia: Public Defender or Private Attorney?

    So you're actually banking on telling the judge you had NO idea there was alcohol in the drinks given to you, when in your other post you clearly admit that your friend had to convince you to drink it? So..... you plan on lying to a judge? Or just to a forum. Anyway, your question was already answered accurately on your other post, so please don't start a triple post.

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