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    Default Driving on Suspended Unknowingly

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of Virginia. The other night I was driving home and got pulled for rolling through a stop sign, at 10:30 at night on a rural intersection. The cop told me my license was suspended because apparently I had never taken a driving school for a ticket I had received over a year ago. I had changed addresses a few months prior to this and had never seen a letter stating I needed to take the class. I'm not saying they never sent it, just that I never received it.
    Also the cop was not very attentive because he wrote down the wrong court date on both of the tickets, saying the case was on a saturday. Anyway as soon as I found out I signed up and took the drivers school ASAP, my question: is there anyway I can get off the driving on suspended because it will really screw me out of a license if I do receive it...

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    Default Re: Driving on Suspended Unknowingly

    Why didn't you forward your mail to your new address?

    I would suggest working with a lawyer. If for some reason you don't want to do that, you can try explaining the circumstances to the prosecutor yourself and seeing if the prosecutor will give you a break. In the meantime, try to get your license reinstated and don't drive until you succeed.

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