Ok. So heres what im all about. I am a glass worker and I work seasonally. Recently I have been laid off and I let my insurance lapse. I was trying to pinch pennies to the effect that I was married on April 12th and we have wedding expences and I also have a baby on the way. I was reading some other posts on here and I feel not so great about not having insurance cause people are getting screwed by the guy who didnt have insurance. That could have been me. Anyway, I since have obtained insurance with my wife and I plan to not go without it anymore. My question is this, I got a ticket for no proof of insurance. Not having insurance in MN is a mandatory 30 day license suspension. I cannot afford that. I need to work. Do I have to prove to the court that I did have insurance, or do they have to prove that I didn't? The way I understand it I can get a fine for not carrying proof of insurance but unless the city attorney proves that I actually didnt have insurance, I shouldnt have to worry so much. The ticket says No proof of insurance. I admit I had no proof, but I will not admit that I didnt have insurance. Any thoughts would be appreciated.