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    Ok. So heres what im all about. I am a glass worker and I work seasonally. Recently I have been laid off and I let my insurance lapse. I was trying to pinch pennies to the effect that I was married on April 12th and we have wedding expences and I also have a baby on the way. I was reading some other posts on here and I feel not so great about not having insurance cause people are getting screwed by the guy who didnt have insurance. That could have been me. Anyway, I since have obtained insurance with my wife and I plan to not go without it anymore. My question is this, I got a ticket for no proof of insurance. Not having insurance in MN is a mandatory 30 day license suspension. I cannot afford that. I need to work. Do I have to prove to the court that I did have insurance, or do they have to prove that I didn't? The way I understand it I can get a fine for not carrying proof of insurance but unless the city attorney proves that I actually didnt have insurance, I shouldnt have to worry so much. The ticket says No proof of insurance. I admit I had no proof, but I will not admit that I didnt have insurance. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Generally if you show proof of insurance to the judge then the judge will either levy court costs and dismiss the case or defer judgement, levy a fine and court costs for not carrying it, or flat-out dismiss the case.

    This does not appear to be the case and you have to answer the questions truthfully or face additional charges for contempt or perjury. You can plan on not making the admission when you get to court and that's OK. What you can't do is lie when they ask "Mr. Irresponsible Driver without a job to cover your own ass, your loved ones, or someone else and their loved ones, it appears that you did not have insurance when Officer X pulled you over. Is this assertion that you were driving without insurance correct or are we missing something here?

    You did a crime (I have a DUI and that was hella-irresponsible) and you will have to pay the time (I had a suspended license for a year and 30 days in the klink (suspended to time served). Be lucky that you are just going to lose your license (and this will result in higher premiums).

    Georgia gives you 30 days to get new insurance and then they suspend the license; in the past Georgia would require it at license renewal but they would not suspend the license unless you were caught without it. own many cars and have the means to pay in the event of an accident. Georgia now tracks the licensed driver, the insurance, and the cars that the licensed driver owns. Ohio used to require it to get your license but not to keep the license; again, not carrying insurance was a crime and was a terrible gamble. You can see that laws vary from state to state.

    ...and as soon as someone, without insurance and without a job, smacks into my car it puts me and my family at great risk. I would have your ass even after my insurance company's "uninsured/underinsured motorist" clause pays it. Not carrying insurance when you do not have the means to pay when you, your loved one, or someone else is injured because of your negligence is just plain IRRESPONSIBLE. If you don't have a job and don't have insurance then don't drive the car.

    Your *only* saving grace may be if you were added to your girlfriend's insurance policy after the marriage (or before) and it shows coverage dates from the date when you were pulled over. If you were driving her car and it was covered then you might not have needed your own insurance; most insurance companies allow for an "occasional driver" that does not have to be a named insured.

    You are a father now; grow up and act responsible. You will find the means to protect that child and to raise that child. Give the children of others the same courtesy.

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