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    Question Do You Need a Paternity Test to Put a Father's Name on the Birth Certificate

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: North Carolina

    My question its this my daughters father was not present at the time of her birth and therfore wasnt put on her birth certificate. what we'd like to know if if he has to take a paternity test or if we just have to gto to vital records and have him put on and her last name changed. the reason for me asking is that she's almost two and i just didnt know what i could do to get him put on her birth certificate like he is supposed to be without having to go through a bunch of red tape.


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    Default Re: Do You Need a Paternity Test to Put a Father's Name on the Birth Certificate

    No, he doesn't have to take a paternity test. Both of you can go to the Office of Vital Records, and sign the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. While you're there, ask about changing the birth certificate.

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