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    Default Sexual Assault Victim Arrested After Assault by Atlanta PD

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Georgia

    I was the victim of a brutal attack. I called the police to report the sexual assault and was also badly beaten. A neighbor had intervened when I escaped my home and taken me to his backyard. The Atlanta PD initially took me to jail for disorderly conduct for running around outside in a nightgown and no underwear also claiming I was hysterical (I was). The responding officers accused me of PMSing. I reported my assault and also had visible injuries. I was taken to the hospital for injuries that included a detached retina and remained under arrest for four days while in the hospital recovering. It took four days for a sex crimes officer to be notified by the Atlanta PD after a tremendous amount of pressure from my family and the ER doctors. After being beaten and sodomized, I wasnít allowed to see my family and was shackled at all times to the bed with a corrections officer present at all times. I was sometimes shamed and cursed at by the CO but others were very kind. The perpetrator has now been charged and is being aggressively pursued, however Iím still so traumatized at how I was treated as a victim. I feel destroyed. Has this ever happened in Atlanta before? When the victim was arrested? The PD realized the mistake within a couple of hours however, they refused to wake up a judge on a weekend to have everything vacated (or whatever the procedure). I had to wait until Monday afternoon to see a judge and be released. The incident happened on Friday.

    How can these two officers be punished?

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    Default Re: Sexual Assault Victim Arrested After Assault by Atlanta PD

    You can get all of this documented, hire an attorney (civil), and sue these bastards and their department into non-existence. Well, the department will be there but the officers likely will not if you are right and win in court of settle out of court.

    If a sex crime is suspected or reported in Georgia it is protocol in most departments to turn it over to an officer, usually of the same sex of the victim. Obtaining the evidence of the abuse and obtaining DNA and hairs is a top priority.

    Sorry to hear about your predicament; good luck on righting wrongs. Chances are the criminal charges will get dismissed if they prevented you from talking to an attorney (if you didn't waive your rights).

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