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    Default Charged with petty theft

    hi...i was recently charged with petty theft...i was given a notice to appear in court on march 2006....what happens in this court hearing??? i already paid for the stuff i took from the store and this is my first offense...i have no intention of ever doing it again...i live in california and i want to know what happens in court. i really do not want to go to jail. what should i do?? please help. im scared.

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    get a lawyer.

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    Default Court Hearing

    The first court hearing is probably an arraignment; procedure varies by state and to some degree by county or locality. At an arraignment there is a formal reading of the charge against you and you have an opportunity to enter a plea. Sometimes if you plead guilty you can be sentenced at that time. You should consult a local criminal defense lawyer to explore your options.

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    im planning to plead guilty to the crime. since this is my first offense, are they going to put me in jail?? all they did was give me a yellow ticket for NTA and they didnt put me to jail or anything. is it possible that im only gonna get fined? or have to do community service?

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    Default need advice please

    what is the worst case scenario for me? need to know ASAP. this is my first offense for petty theft and i was not taken to jail when iw as charged and have already paid for what i took. is it possible that after my court appearance, i will spend some time in jail? or will it be just a fine???help!!!!!

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    It would be nearly impossible to get jail time on a petty theft first offense. I would get a lawyer ASAP, the knowledge, strategy and peace of mind you acquire is well worth it.

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