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    Default Michigan Driver's Responsibility Fees

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: MI

    Hello. I am new to this board, so please be kind

    I currently live in Seattle, WA and have been here since February. I am going to apply for a Washington State driver's license and I have one lingering question about: (dramatic music) MICHIGAN DRIVER'S RESPONSIBILITY FEES

    I lived in Michigan and have unpaid fees. These fees warranted no points, just money that the state wants to....fix the roads? I don't know. Anyway, I was wondering if there was anyway to still obtain a Washington license even though I owe these absurd fees. For some reason, it seems that these fees are just a Michigan thing. This ticket for no proof of insurance (which I had at the time, I just gave him the wrong slip from the past expired quarter) and dummy me didn't go to court to show them.

    Anyway, that's my question. Any response will help!

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    Default Re: Michigan Driver's Responsibility Fees

    It is possible that your MI license is suspended and you will not be able to get a WA license. Even if you are able to get a WA license, MI can still have it suspended. You can check the current status of your license with the MI DMV. If it is suspended and you get stopped, the officer has the option of taking you to jail.

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    Default Re: Michigan Driver's Responsibility Fees

    How long ago did this happen? I would consider contacting a lawyer in the county in Michigan where the ticket was issued to see if he could sweet-talk the prosecutor into reopening the case for a dismissal (probably on payment of fines and/or costs) based upon your documentation that you were in fact insured at the time you were cited. Of course, the legal fees may end up costing you more than the Driver's Responsibility Fees, which I believe would be $200/year for two years.

    For the record, I disagree with Driver's Responsibility Fees - if you pay your ticket and the associated fines, to me the additional fees seem like double-dipping.

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