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    Default Arrested While on Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Mississippi

    I'm on probation for a year for harrassment. I just got arrested for contributing to a minor and disorderly conduct. I was driving around with a friend at 1 a.m. and someone asked for a ride and I didn't know who they were, but I decided to give them a ride. We got to the apartments he had to go and we all got out the car because there were about 10 people out there. Cops come walking up and everyone takes off running, then when I hear the cops screaming I walk back to my car and the cops didn't arrest me until they caught the minor and he said he rode with me, then they also added a charge for running even though I walked back. Is getting arrested an automatic probation violation? My probation paper doesn't have "no law violations" checked, but I do have a line that says, suspend 180 days of jail time, no contacting victim, and no drugs or alochol. I talked to my probation officer's secretary and she said I am going to jail for 180 days. I don't understand how getting arrested is an automatic violation if "no law violations" isn't one of my probation stipulations. I can't afford a lawyer, my last lawyer, case, and fines costed too much. My probation officer is nice, but I haven't been able to reach him and I have court the 15th. I was also planning on going back to college this month. I am only 20 and I was going to turn my life around and stay off the streets. I have no other charges besides the one that put me on probation. Do you think I will end up in jail or will I get another chance?

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    It is usually up to the Probation Officer that is in charge of you. Most likely they do violate if you are found guilty of something you been charged with. I would not go with what the secretary stated to you. But be prepared if that does happen.

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    Getting arrested is not an automatic probation violation but remember probation recovation proceedings are not normally criminal in nature and thus the prosecution is not required to prove you guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt to warrant revocation. Having said that, if the prosecution is not going to follow through and charge you criminally it would seem less likely that they would seek a revocation of probation.

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    So based on my story, which is the truth, do you think I will be found guilty of those charges? Do you think I will spend time in jail if I am found guilty? I was going to register for my classes this week, but if I am going to jail it will be a waste of time. Will my probation officer and judge like it if I sign up for school before the 15th? I can't afford a lawyer, but I have scholarships for school. I need as much help as I can get so I'm ready for court friday.

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