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    Default Use of False Identification, in Maine

    My question involves criminal law for the state of Maine: My 20 year old son informed me that while visiting Maine with his classmates he attempted to enter a bar with his friends and tried to gain access using another persons I.D. he was detained by the bouncers at the bar the police were called and he was issued a violation. He was told he was being charged with a class e crime and that he must present himself to the court on October 15th. He was completely cooperative with both the bar employees and the police. He is a college student in a neighboring sate and cannot make the court date.

    What legal ramifications will this have for his future record and can this violation be dismissed easily?

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    Default Re: Use of False Identification, in Maine

    The ramifications of getting charged with a criminal offense is that you end up with police and court records associated with the charge. If you're convicted, you also get a criminal conviction. Towns vary in their policies toward stuff like this, and some are very strict, so your son should consult a lawyer in the town or county where he's charged to find out what is likely to happen in that particular jurisdiction.

    Do you have a citation for the statute he's charged with violating?

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