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    Default Late Payments Over the Course of a Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Colorado

    Two years ago I signed a 1 year least for an apartment. I did not get a copy of the lease and was to lazy to track one down. I have not heard a peep from my landlord in two years. I never renewed the lease in writing or otherwise. I am assuming I am month to month what do you think?

    About 4 months ago I got a letter saying my rent was increasing. I started paying the increased rent and that was that. Again no other communication between us.

    Some things have started to go wrong in the apartment and I am considering moving out.

    I have never paid the rent on time. It is always 10 to 15 days late. I have never recieved a reciept for payment. I have never recieved a bill for payment required. I have never been charged a late fee. I have never been called by the land lord to discuss my late payments and I have never recieved anything in writing other than a notice my rent was increasing that one time.

    If I move out can the land lord back audit me and require late fees?
    Do you think it is likely or unlikely that my lease has auto renewed?
    How can I get a copy of my lease that I signed after all of this time? I know I can ask the LL for it and I will do so, but they are hard to get a hold of and I have a feeling their record keeping is as bad as mine is.

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    Default Re: My Lease

    I am assuming I am month to month what do you think?
    Without knowing what your original lease said, we couldn't hazard a guess.

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    Default Re: My Lease

    Its likely your on month to month. Reason is the raise in rent. If your lease was auto renewed a rent increase would have been likely and any increase before lease exipration unlawful.

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    Default Re: My Lease

    This might help

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