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    Default Building on a Neighbor's Property

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: New York

    This fortunately doesn't concern me, but my neighbor. His other neighbor is building a new house, which happens to be 3' over the property line, rather than 15' away as required.

    What remedy is there to this? Obviously he can demand compensation for a loss of value to his property, but what if he isn't satisfied with that? Can he demand anything else? (seems absurd to ask that the house be removed, but if it were my yard...)

    Presumably this is a pretty serious violation of the building permit; could he even get a certificate of occupancy for it.

    My only involvement is that he hasn't given any thought to getting electric to his new house, but can only get it if I give him an easement. Not real good planning to build the house first.

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    Default Re: Building on a Neighbor's Propery?

    Your friend needs to get a lawyer ASAP. For starters ask the neighbor if he realizes he's over the line. He may have a survey that states it's his property, who knows. Then make a VISIT with the building inspector and ask him what he's signing off of and how. Then get a lawyer. He can demand that building stop until this can be settled. The builder may not be aware he's doing anything wrong.

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