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    Default Emancipation Laws for Mississippi

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Mississippi

    I am 17, out of high school, full time job that I make good money at and I would like to get emancipated so my mother will let me move out of the house. My mom has real strict rules and we have been going through alot (fighting, divorce issues, my future...etc...). She tries to control everything about my life and I would really like to just move out but she won't let me until I'm 18, unless I was emancipated. I already have a place to stay and I make enough at my job to pay rent, bills, etc. I want to move out so I can start my life how I want to. Also, I am a training manager at my job but I can not run the store unless I'm 18 so would getting emancipated help that issue also??

    Please help me. I can not find any helpful information on how to get emancipated.

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    panther10758 Guest

    Default Re: Emancipation Laws for MS

    Mississippi does not have a general emancipation statute

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