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    Default Can Two Felons Get Married?

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Missouri and Iowa.....My daughter is on probation after serving time for a felony (minor incident, if there is such a felony) committed in Iowa. She served her time in federal prison and was released from a BOP to a half-way house in Missouri. Some months ago she was release from the half-way house and is now on probation. Her parole office is a no nonsense, by the rule federal employee, who has a reputation for building cases against his 'clients'.

    While in the half-way house, she met 'the love of her life.' He too had recently been released from BOP control after serving time for felony possession of a weapon. Some months back, he also was released from the half-way house.

    Both of them are very hard workers and are committed to making a life together free of criminal activities. They walk the 'straight and narrow' in all they do. My daughter's parole officer does not want her to see this man because he says the relationship only spells trouble. His parole officer is more lenient on this relationship, or so I am told.

    Both my daughter and her friend want to see each other very much, I believe are seriously in love, and are talking about getting married. Can the two of them get married? Can they be sent back to prison for this relationship if they are doing nothing else wrong? Her court jurisdiction is in Iowa's Northern District, which is very strict and his is in a more liberal jurisdiction in Missouri. Please advice me on hat to tell the two of them. Thank you kindly for your consideration on this matter.

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    Default Re: Can Two Felons Get Married?

    If their parole prohibits their relationship, they need to cool it until they're off parole.

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